No one is more passionate than a Buffalo sports fan. Feeding that spirit and love for their teams is what I’ve been proud to do for 36 years of sportscasting in Western New York. Buffalo fans demand knowledge, enthusiasm and loyalty from the broadcasters reporting on their teams. I have met that high bar in my various roles with the UB Bulls, Buffalo Bills and Channel 4 Sports.
As the Voice of the Bulls for 24 years, I’ve done play-by-play for 275 UB Football games. That includes a Mid-American Conference championship and five bowl games. On basketball, as the school’s main television broadcaster, I’ve been part of conference championships and the NCAA Tournament. Hosting various UB Athletics media productions has allowed me to work with a number of high-level coaches, many of whom remain at the top of their profession.
For over 10 years, I was a part of the Buffalo Bills Radio Network. Working under legendary Bills announcers Van Miller & John Murphy, I filled various roles as pregame host, postgame interviewer, and sideline reporter. In 2004, I helped create the role of in-game sideline reporter, a standard that continues today.
During 24 years at WIVB Channel 4 Sports, I learned the depth of this community’s passion for sports. From youth leagues to high schools to colleges, I told their stories. Some of those stories turned out to be amazing…such as the first interview with a 13-year-old unknown hockey star named Patrick Kane.
During this amazing ride, I’ve touched every part of sports broadcasting. From hosting podcasts, coach’s shows, website contribution, sports talk radio shows and even a bowling show…I’ve built up my experience by working hard and doing it right. The sports fans of Buffalo demand that. 
My Work
Through my 30+ years of sports broadcasting, I’ve been proud of my versatility. My roles have included radio play-by-play, television play-by-play, TV sports anchor, TV sports reporter, TV show host, radio sideline reporter, radio sports talk host, podcast host and website editor. The sports I’ve called include college football, NFL football, college basketball, wrestling, volleyball, lacrosse and even bowling. 
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